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Google Apps

Today,  business is truly mobile. Whether you have multiple offices, a dedicated sales team on the road or even remote workers spread the across the world, the need for immediate access to company data across a shared and secure network - in real time - is an essential element for the success of any business.
With the continued growth of Cloud computing, businesses are realising the advantages of shared productivity services, which increase business agility, provide access to the latest technology and support ‘mobile’ employees.
Google, who has been synonymous as the leading search engine for many years, has developed a suite of applications that bring together essential services to help businesses stay connected and communicate more effectively and efficiently.
From email to online storage, Google Apps provides total collaboration for individuals and teams across a secure environment.
As a cloud-hosted service, Google Apps enables businesses to access a variety of Google products - including Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk – all on a unique domain (e.g.
As an accredited Google Partner, High Tide Group can assist your business in migrating from the traditional ‘on-premise’ or hosted systems to Google Apps.
We understand the complexity and challenges of businesses face when upgrading to new technologies and operating platforms, having successfully migrated many users to the Google Apps platform in a low impact and risk free process.
We provide a range of services to get every business operating confidently and coherently with Google Apps:

  • Analysis of existing communications infrastructure, provision of advice and recommendations where appropriate

  • Plan and implementation of migration from existing tools to Google Apps including syncing of existing data

  • Training and support
    If Google Apps sounds like the way forward for your business, complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01325 952 123 today!

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