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Above the Clouds


Remember the days when you saved your work files and important documents on your computer hard drive or internal server? Maybe you still do?
And you’ll never forget the time when your computer stopped working or the ‘old reliable server’ packed up – often on a Friday evening when you were about to print an important report before that really important business meeting, first thing Monday morning…
Thankfully, Cloud computing has eliminated all those nightmares.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing (or The Cloud as its is also known) enables computers on a virtual network to share resources rather than having local servers. Utilising the Internet, it offers flexibility for working remotely and is highly scalable as well as extremely secure.
High Tide Group provides access to the latest Cloud technology. We can provide the hardware and software required, should you need it, to elevate your business into a total new working environment.
Flexibility is key. Due to the vast capacity of The Cloud’s remote servers, it can handle any user demands placed on it, instantly and efficiently.
Cloud computing keeps all files in one central location allowing everyone to work on one central copy. It allows your employees to be located anywhere in the world – as long as they have Internet access – sharing and updating documents in real time without the need to email and then waste valuable time waiting for a response.
This level of flexibility will also have a positive effect on your employee’s work-life balance and productivity.


  • Collaboration - Cloud computing increases collaboration by allowing all employees – wherever they are – to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously.

  • Disaster recovery – by accessing your documents, files and apps remotely (and securely) in The Cloud, information and data is easily retrievable should there be a problem with your physical hardware.

  • Automatic updates – no more lost time and resource updating your internal servers as Cloud computing providers do the server maintenance – including security updates – themselves, freeing up your time.

If you want to elevate your business into The Cloud, complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01429 818332 today!

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