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Complaints Procedure

The High Tide complaints procedure is a guide for customer wishing to make a complaint and outlines the steps and time scales involved in resolving the complaint.
High Tide aims to deal with any complaint in as quickly and smoothly as possible with clear expectations provided in a timely manner.

Customer who require extra assistance with the steps outlined below will be assisted by staff using any means possible, such as alternative communications methods to suite the customers needs. Customers my also nominate a representative to communicate with us if it is preferred

High Tide Consulting ltd T/A High Tide Group is classified by Ofcom as a Communications Provider, and thus a Regulated Provider. This complaints procedure has been created in accordance with sections C4 and C5 of Ofcom customer complaints code guidance (dated 30 July 2018)

This complaints procedure covers complaints made by the following types of  customers:

  • Domestic Customers

  • Small Business Customers

How to make a complaint

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