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Telephone & VoIP

What would we do without the telephone? It's one of the most essential elements for any business and can also account for a significant chunk of your daily operating expenditure. Monthly phone bills can be high, throw in the occasional system upgrade and additional lines as your business grows and your telephony costs can soon become overwhelming.


It’s essential that as a business - no matter what shape or size - you chose the most appropriate and cost effective solution available. But where do you start?


High Tide Group provides the latest telecommunications technology called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short, which operates across the internet. It’s estimated that within the next ten years 90% of all telephone calls worldwide will be made using VoIP; so why not get ahead of the game and begin taking advantage of the technology and costs savings today?


How VoIP works


In a nutshell, VoIP is the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high-speed internet connection or an internal network instead of traditional wires. Calls can be made from a computer (using a headset), mobile phone, tablet or more usually a VoIP handset. Call quality is equal to that using a standard phone, in fact, it's often far better.


What's more, VoIP makes it possible for companies of all sizes to have the advanced features normally only found on high-end phone systems including:


  • Hunt groups
  • Audio conferencing

  • Call recording

  • Call waiting

  • Voicemail to email

  • Automatic routing of calls to the correct department


Speedy Setup

Introducing VoIP into your current working environment takes very little time to setup, often with limited disruption.


If you want to know how much we can potentially *save you on your monthly telephone costs, complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01429 818332 today!


*You can expect to easily save between 25 - 50% of your previous total telephony expenditure – this is an overall cost includes hardware, management, upgrades, etc.

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