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Microsoft Office 365

Whether writing a management report, preparing a winning pitch presentation or drafting countless emails, Microsoft has always been the preferred choice for enterprise. No matter what size of business, our day-to-day working practice has relied heavily on the popular Office tool kit – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and most notably, Outlook.
With the continued growth of Cloud computing, businesses are realising the advantages of shared productivity services, which increase business agility, provide access to the latest technology and support ‘mobile’ employees.
Office 365 is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability. Hosted in Microsoft’s secure, $9 billion network of state-of-the-art data centres, it brings together the most trusted productivity solutions—Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, and Microsoft Lync™ Online—with Microsoft Office across platforms and devices.
Why Office 365?
There are lots of good reasons to choose Microsoft as your solution provider, but the most important one is trust: with business-critical capabilities such as email, calendars, and collaboration, you want a software-partner that treats your business as their centre business, not a side project.
Key benefits for business include:

  • Features - The features available in Office365 for messaging and collaboration are usually only available to large companies who have the money and the resources to deploy complicated and expensive solutions internally, and even then they are not always able to deliver what Office 365 can deliver, even for the smallest company.

  • Support - Most systems in a company provide a level of support and complexity with them. With Office 365 this cost and complexity is handed over to Microsoft to ensure all systems are running well, patches and secure.

  • Security - All companies today need to worry about the security of their data and their customer’s data. No matter what size of company you are this can get complicated and expensive. With Office 365 this is handed to Microsoft and the large-scale Cloud data centre deployment. It is one of Microsoft top priorities to ensure you data is secure and backed up.

  • Cost - Office software can represent a high cost for businesses. Traditional packages have had a high initial cost associated with them, and also require ongoing support from the IT team in order to manage updates and permissions in order to ensure that all staff are properly supported.

High Tide Group is a specialist Microsoft Cloud Partner. We help migrate many businesses from the traditional ‘on-premise’ or hosted email systems to the new Office 365 Platform.
We understand the complexity and challenges of businesses face when upgrading to new technologies and operating platforms, having successfully migrated many users to the Office 365 platform in a low impact and risk free process.
High Tide Group provides a range of services to get every business operating confidently and coherently with Office 365:

  •  Analysis of existing communications infrastructure, provision of advice and recommendations where appropriate

  • Planning and implementation of migration from existing tools to Microsoft 365 including syncing of existing data

  • Training and support

If you’re looking to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365, complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01325 952 123 today!

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