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Network Consulting

High Tide is able to provide business and consumer access mobile data connectivity in the UK, Europe and beyond.

in the UK the SIMs are able to connection to EE, 02, Three and Vodafone, connecting to the strongest signal in the location

High Tide Wholesale ISP SIMs

Advanced capabilities allow the mobile traffic to be routed via a private interconnect so that your network can provide onward connectivity to either the internet or your own network.

The Key features of this service include :

  • Multi SIM Formats

  • Choose public or Private static or Dynamic addresses

  • Private APN for secure VPN Connection

  • Lock individual SIM to a device using IMEI number

  • System alerts when data limits are near

  • Monitor usage via our dashboard

  • Business grade 4G connectivity (No Throttling)

  • Traffic routed via private Interconnect

Private SIM Groups

Traffic from SIMs are delivered to your network, no internet access is provided.

These are suitable for Enterprise, SCADA, Telemetry, Out-Of-Band management, etc. The traffic from the SIM's is handed off to your network via one of our dedicated connectivity products (e.g. xDSL, Leased Line, IPSEC). You are in complete control of the traffic and are able to monitor, police, and share the traffic as needed utilising your own Cyber-Security infrastructure.

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