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IT Security

Imagine leaving the doors and windows to your office premises open and unsecured when you leave for the day. Sounds crazy and many organisations spend millions of pounds making sure that their premises are safe and secure from any external intrusion.
Now apply that thought to your IT infrastructure – your office PCs, work equipment and in-house servers where each day, we email, share, upload and store our most important documents including private and confidential data about the business and its customers and employees.
Sadly however, there are still businesses across the UK, who are not protecting themselves from online security breaches and data fraud.
Last year the Department for Innovation and Skills reported* that 81% of large organisations surveyed, experienced a breach of security – which equates to a cost of £600k - £1.15m. Furthermore, it was reported that 60% of small businesses surveyed, experienced a breach of security – which equates to a cost of £65k - £115k.
In the most extreme cases, 10% of organisations that suffered a breach in the last year were so badly damaged by the attack that they had to change the nature of their business.
And, as employees are increasingly using their own devices – mobile phones, tables and laptop - in the workplace, it is crucial that all businesses protect themselves from the threat and intrusion of a breach of online security.
High Tide Group provides a range of security solutions.
Having worked with various organisations – of all shapes and sizes – we can provide a solution, which is not only effective for your current IT systems but also flexible enough to expand as your business grows. We work with all of our partners and suppliers including Microsoft, Websense, Centra and Bluecoat, to provide the latest online protection for our customers.
If you’re ready to upgrade your online security, complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01325 952 123 today!
*2014 Information Security Breaches Survey, Department for Innovation and Skills

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