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Connectivity Solutions

In todays connected world getting the right connectivity for your business is essential.

At High Tide we have access to a number to technologies and providers to ensure you get the right connectivity for the right price.

Remember those unsightly cables and trunking which adorned our office walls and floor? Well, thanks to wireless technology, gone are those days and welcome cable free connections.
As the name implies, wireless (or Wifi) technology is basically computer networks without the wires and cables.
Communication through wireless technology enables greater flexibility for your business no matter what shape or size. It's extremely scalable and can handle multiple users and hardware, unlike cabled network systems which can crash when the number of users or volume of traffic suddenly increases.
And if you do get visitors to your offices, we can build separate Wifi hotspots which protects your network and keeps your files safe from intrusion.
The basis of a wireless network is radio waves which it uses to connect devices to the Internet, the business network and applications across various locations. As most of today’s computers, tablets, mobiles and printers have wireless capability as standard, it makes it even more convenient to switch to using a wireless network.
Consider the benefits:

  • Mobility and convenience – connect quickly and easy with no trailing wires

  • Easy setup – no cables, so installation can be quick and cost-effective

  • Scalable - wireless networks can grow and expand with your business – no need to pay inflated costs at the moment for something that may never happen in the future,

  • Security – as technology has developed, so has security providing robust protection for all environments

  • Cost – no need for trailing wires or cables thus no need for all those extra associated costs

Can we help you?
At High Tide Group we love wireless networking - in fact some of our experienced technicians have built large-scale global networks for organisations such as Huntsman, Hyundai and Suzuki. We've also worked for a number of smaller enterprises too. Which is why we understand the technology and how to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution no matter what type of business.
We provide solutions that consider your existing network (and network policy) as well as meeting your business needs for coverage, capacity, security and redundancy.
We're also hot on keeping our customers happy. After each implementation we undertake a full site survey to ensure that the design and functionality of your new wireless network does exactly what it says on the tin.
Want to know more? Then please complete the form below or contact our customer service team on 01429 818332

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